Lunar Client 邀请回馈活动(2020.07.20)


(注:Lunar Client 是一款集成多个常用客户端模组的反作弊客户端,目前基于 Minecraft 1.7.10 和 1.8.9 两个版本)

Hey @ everyone,

We are happy to announce that we will rewarding you guys for inviting other users to this Discord! The invites will be tracked by us and can be viewed in the #welcome channel. If you invite 20 people to our Discord, you will be eligible to claim a free cosmetic of your choice.
我们非常高兴地宣布我们将会奖励那些邀请其他玩家到我们 Discord 服务器来的人!这些邀请会由我们在 #welcome 频道中查看并跟进。如果你邀请了 20 个人到我们的 Discord 服务器来,你将有资格获得选择一个免费装饰品的机会。

Some important information can be found below:

- In order to track your own invites, do !invites in the #commands channel.
- 你可以在 #commands 频道中输入 !invites 来跟进你的邀请进度。
- Once you have reached 20 invites, make a ticket under #create-ticket and a staff member will assist you. Be sure to include your Minecraft username and which cosmetic you want (this cosmetic must be available on the store at the time of the ticket being made). If we find that 20 invites is too low, or too high, we will make adjustments.
- 一旦你达到了 20 个邀请,请在 #create-ticket 频道下发起一个工单,工作人员将会为你提供帮助。确保包含你的 Minecraft 用户名和你想要的装饰品(装饰品必须在发起工单时的商店中可用)。如果我们发现 20 个邀请太过容易或者困难,我们将会进行调整。
- Do not invite Bots or alts, you will be banned and disqualified.
- 不要邀请机器人,否则你会被封禁和取消活动资格。
- 20 invites will qualify you for a free emote.
- 20 个邀请可以选择免费的表情。
- 50 invites will qualify you for a free cloak.
- 50 个邀请可以选择免费的披风。
- 75 invites will qualify you for free wings.
- 75 个邀请可以选择免费的翅膀。
- 100 invites will qualify you for a free emote, cloak, and wings.
- 100 个邀请可以选择免费的表情、披风和翅膀。

I also want to remind everyone that we will be holding our first Booster Raffle today. For a chance to be entered, make sure you have boosted this Discord! Raffles will happen every 2 weeks and winners will get to chose a cosmetic of their choice.
我还想提醒大家,今天我们将举办第一次 Booster 抽奖活动。只有助力了这个 Discord 服务器的人才有机会参与!抽奖活动将会每两周举办一次,获胜者可以获得选择装饰品的机会。

Thank you for all the support, we’ll have some client updates coming soon!