OptiFine 团队关于招募工作人员的补充说明(2020.07.19)


So after almost a week of the applications being open, I just now realized all social media team applicants were being forced to answer questions that were meant only for the support team. This was NOT supposed to happen and I’d like to formally apologize to everyone who has applied and encountered this problem. This has now been fixed, so any new applicants will not have this issue.
在开放了近一个星期的申请后,我才意识到所有 social media team 的申请都必须回答有关 support team 的问题。这本不应该发生,我想向所有申请时遇到此问题的人致歉。这个问题目前已经修复,任何发起新的申请的人都不会遇到这个问题。