OptiFabric 已停止支持(2020.07.13)


The future of OptiFabric and Recommended alternatives

OptiFabric 的未来以及推荐的替代模组

In 1.15 and 1.16 optifine has been casuing a lot of incompatibilities with a growing number of mods, this is due to the way optifine changes the vanilla code in increasingly invasive and incompatible ways. Fixing these crashes isn’t easy or fun and takes a lot of time and energy that I don’t have.
自 1.15 和 1.16 以来 optifine 引发了越来越多的模组不兼容问题,这是因为 optifine 用越来越激进和不兼容的方式去修改原版的代码。修复这些崩溃问题并不简单,需要花费我大量的时间和精力,而我并没有。

I have no plans to continue updating OptiFabric going forward, thus with the help of LambdAurora I have compiled a list of mods that replace and supersede Optifine:
我没有打算继续更新 OptiFabric,因此在 LambdAurora 的帮助下,我订制了一份代替 Optifine 的模组列表:


Sodium is a free and open source fabric mod made by JellySquid that drastically increases the performance of Minecraft. Sodium utilises modern rendering techniques along with a range of other optimisations. More more information can be found on the download page linked.
Sodium 是一个免费开源的 Fabric 模组,由 JellySquid 开发,它能极大提高 Minecraft 的性能。Sodium 运用了现代渲染技术以及一系列其他的优化方法。更多信息可以参阅下载页面。

Other recommended mods



Canvas focuses the use of shaders to improve the visual appearance of the game along with providing performance improvements. (Incompatible with Sodium)
Canvas 着重于使用着色器来改善视觉体验和性能。(和 Sodium 不兼容

Ok Zoomer - Logicial Zoom - WI Zoom

These 3 mods are each a great replacement to optifine’s much loved zoom feature. They provide more options than optifine’s zoom functionality. (You only need to install one)
这三个模组都是令人倍受喜爱的 optifine 的缩放功能的优秀替代模组。它们都提供了比 optifine 缩放更多的功能。(你只需要安装其中一个


Colormatic provides support for resource packs that use Optifine’s custom color features.
Colormatic 提供了对 Optifine 自定义色彩功能的资源包的支持。


LambDynamicLights add dynamic lights to Minecraft similar to Optifine’s.
LambDynamicLights 向 Minecraft 中添加了和 Optifine 相似的动态光源的功能。


motioNO is a client only mod that prevents Minecraft from changing the FOV when sprinting.
motioNO 是一个纯客户端模组,用于避免当疾跑时角视场发生变化。

Lithium and Phosphor

Lithium provides a great improvement to server performance while Phosphor targets lighting performance. Both mods can be installed on the client or the server and are also made by Jelly Squid.
Lithium 显著地改善了服务端的性能,而 Phosphor 则专门针对光照计算性能改善。这两个模组都可以在客户端或服务端中安装,并且它们也都由 JellySquid 开发。

Need Help?


If you need help installing any of these mods feel free to ask in the fabric discord server in the player-support channel. If you know of any mods that should be showcased here please get in contact with me.
如果你在安装这些模组时需要获取免费的帮助,可以到 fabric 的 discord 服务器 的 player-support 频道来问。如果你知道任何也可以在这里展示的模组可以联系我。