JellySquid 关于对 Forge 支持的答复(2020.07.17)


(注:JellySquid 开发了 SodiumLithiumPhosphor 等一系列主打优化原版游戏性能的模组)

What is the status of Forge support for your mods?
你的模组对 Forge 的支持状况如何?
Forge support has been dropped for all of my mods. Any releases which currently have Forge releases will no longer receive support.
我的所有模组都不会再支持 Forge,所有已经发布的支持 Forge 的模组也不会再受到支持。

… Why?
I am not comfortable with the way the Forge community has treated me and other users. It has been a very difficult road to even get basic concessions out the core development team that my mods (or even Optifine and friends) offer any benefit. There are significant technical challenges in maintaining these mods for the Forge platform as-is, and having to deal with a community that actively takes to discrediting my work at any opportunity does not make it worthwhile.
我对 Forge 社区对待我和其他玩家的方式不太满意。要让他们的核心开发团队对我的那些提供优化的模组(甚至是 Optifine 或者其他类似的模组)做出基本的让步是非常困难的。以目前的状况而言,维护基于 Forge 的模组不仅会遇到很大的技术困难,而且必须和一个持续敌视我的成果的社区打交道是非常不值得的。
At this point, even if major changes were to be made in Forge’s management and treatment of modders, it would be too little, and too late. My time is limited, and I would much rather spend it developing mods for the Fabric community, which supports and encourages me.
基于这一点,即使 Forge 的对待模组开发者的态度发生重大改变,这也无济于事,为时已晚。我的时间有限,我宁可为 Fabric 社区开发模组,因为他们能支持和鼓励我。

What should I do now, then?
Consider switching to Fabric, a libre modding platform which emphasizes both user and modder choice. You can opt for a super minimal installation with nothing more than the Fabric Loader, giving you an almost zero-overhead solution for running my mods. Perfect for low-end computers needing to squeeze out extra performance, or those who don’t want their game to be altered in any other way.
考虑转到 Fabric,这是一个注重玩家和开发者体验的自由的平台。你可以选择仅安装 Fabric Loader,这是几乎没有任何额外负担来使用我的模组的方法。这非常适合那些使用需要降低性能开销的低端电脑或者非常在意修改游戏机制的玩家。

But what about other mods? Check out my personal love list of mods for Fabric that you can install in your game: · GitHub
但是其他模组呢?你可以查看我个人对 Fabric 模组的收藏列表并装在你的游戏里 · GitHub

Learn more about Fabric here, and find information on installing it:
可以在这里找到有关 Fabric 安装的更多信息: