Mcjty 关于Minecraft 版本的讨论。



Here is (in summary) how I work in regards to the entire MC version discussion. Due to the high numbers of mods that I have I can only actively work on one version and maybe do small maintenance on one or two older versions. That’s just how it is. I’m all alone with 27 mods


The version that I’m active on is usually the last version that seems to get some community adoption. For example, as soon as 1.15 started to get attention by several mods I decided to move over to that version


However. Since my 1.14 port was basically still in heavy progress that leaves the 1.14 version of my mods in a rather thin state. i.e. there isn’t much contents there yet. So be it. I really can’t afford to spend too much time to it


However, an important consequence of this is that as soon as 1.16 arrives and I judge that it’s good enough for me to migrate. All my mods will be ported to 1.16 and I will continue porting from there.


That means that some mods will still have to be ported from 1.12, some from 1.14 and some from 1.15. And from time to time I like to add new features too :slight_smile:

End of discussion

「这意味着有些mod将会从1.12被移植,有些mod会从1.14版本被移植,有些mod会被从1.15版本被移植. 并且我有时候也喜欢加新功能。


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